VOIP Services

The addition of a VoIP solution can have a variety of benefits to your organization. Whether you've got a single office or multiple locations, VoIP can offer a wide range of benefits from cost reduction to unprecedented flexibility in voice communications. With options ranging from fully hosted in the cloud to hosted on your own equipment to a hybrid solution, there are a wide variety of ways to integrate an effective VoIP solution into your business.

  • Hardware Agnostic - You can mix and match a huge variety of handsets to find the perfect mix of form and function to suit your needs. When your needs change you only need to replace your handset and not the whole system.
  • Anywhere Access - Between smart phone apps, Windows soft phones, and remote handsets you can have the full functionality of your phone system anywhere and anytime you need it.
  • Disaster Resilient - During a disaster of any kind you can leverage your system to perform a variety of calling routes to ensure your clients can always reach your company.

Let Connecting Point design and implement the system to suit your business needs.